Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Syrian Democratic Forum-Identity Statement

The Syrian Democratic Forum is a political, civil and democratic forum. It is a platform for critical appraisal, knowledge exchange and field activities. The forum is open to all individuals, groups and forces, involved in the Syrian Revolution and to those expected to make up their minds as regard the pursuit of radical change in Syria in order to build a civil and democratic state based on citizenship and freedom.

The Forum is part of the Syrian Revolution committed to the principles and values of freedom, dignity and social justice, ​​set by the Syrian people as objectives for its revolution. Furthermore, it is a bridge for interaction and communication between the different forces involved in the revolution to mobilize and unite their efforts; further, to provide field and political insights and suggestions to promote the revolution and accomplish its objectives; also, to participate in drawing a picture of the transition period and the future of Syria.

The Forum seeks, first, to enable our people to overthrow the current regime with all its symbols by all means of civil resistance; second, to dismantle its established structure in a way that averts the reproduction of tyranny in another form; third, to reinforce the values, principles and practices of democracy to preserve the freedom of the nation and the citizens; fourth, to disseminate the principles of citizenship and  the commitment to the International Bill of Human Rights and the international charters relating thereto; fifth, to advance and activate civil society organizations, and stimulate community-based initiatives to ensure the participation of citizens in public affairs with respect for diversity and differences.

The Forum seeks to keep pace with the revolution and the political developments surrounding it, through direct field participation and the proposal of clear initiatives and political positions that it considers to suit the changing situations, in order to meet the aspirations of the revolting Syrian people.

The Forum is open to all Syrians and those considered as having similar status who share with it its principles and objectives. Further, the forum does not see itself as an extension to the existing gatherings, bodies and forces, rather as an original contributory to the revolution.

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