Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Syrian Democratic Forum-Statement of Principles

The revolution of freedom and dignity that our people raged against the despotic regime enters its 12th months. It is not weakened by the regime’s systematic brutal repression and relentless efforts to deviate it from its peaceful and nationally-inclusive values by inciting sectarian sentiments.

The struggle of our people and its national and societal forces has accumulated a lot of progress on the road to change, leading to the context that created by the Arab spring and launched the revolutions that originated from it. Thus, the Syrians were not belated to declare their revolution and to initiate a number of political and field organizations to support the revolution and ensure its continuation. However, many of these organizations did not keep pace with the progress of the public mobilization, through effective political discourse and practices. Thus, the formations representing the revolution floundered; furthermore, the accumulation of negative practices is threatening to deviate the revolution from achieving its true objectives. On the other hand, the Syrian people have shown heroic courage, not deterred by thousands of deaths, besides the scores of detainees, the persons pursued and the refugees.

For all the raisons mentioned above and for other raisons similar in nature, a number of Syrian personalities from different political and intellectual inclinations have convened and launched the initiative to form a national, civil and political forum with the name “The Syrian Democratic Forum”. The idea of this Forum has arisen from the fact that building the future of Syria requires an effective political discourse that leads the accomplishment of the Revolution’s objectives. Therefore, this gathering intend to be an open structure in which different intellectual, political, field-oriented streams, contributing to  the Revolution and its noble values, meet. The Syrian Democratic Forum is founded on the following principles:

  • The Syrian Democratic Forum is an integral part of the Syrian people’s revolution, which constitutes the most important event in the contemporary and modern history of Syria. The Forum strives to enable the revolting people to overthrow the regime with all its symbols and to achieve the revolution’s goals of freedom, justice and dignity, in order to build a pluralistic and democratic state; a state that is based on the rule of law, the full and equal citizenship, regardless of gender, race and religion, and the preservation of all public and private freedoms.

  • Emphasizing that the goal of the revolution is to build a state founded on a civil constitution that provides for the alternation in power and the separation between the judicial, executive and legislative powers. Further, this constitution will limit the role of the military and security forces to protecting the country and its territorial integrity and unity. Furthermore, it will subject these forces to the people’s authority and scrutiny.

  • Emphasizing on the need to unify opposition forces and the creation of political alliances that help carry out major common missions on the road to achieve the desired change.

  • Emphasizing that the protection of civilians and peaceful demonstrators and those affected by the disastrous situation is the duty of the state; shall not be exempt from accountability or provided immunity anyone neglect or impede it. Further, they are the duty of all citizens regardless of their opinions, inclinations and fears.

  • Demanding the military and security forces to immediately stop the implementation of the orders of the current authority, which have put them in the middle of a conflict with their own people. Further, confirming that their natural place is on the side of the people supporting its revolution, not suppressing it.

  • Confirming the risk of resorting to arms outside the framework of self-defense and the protection of peaceful popular demonstrations. Send a tribute to the members of the military and security forces who refused to kill their brothers and, therefore, so often gave their lives as a price for that refusal.

  • Facing all sectarian practices and behaviors detrimental to the civil peace and the unity of the society, which, consequently, deviate the revolution from achieving its goals. Further, emphasizing on not to be drawn to what the regime is trying to push for; further, maintain the unity of the fate of all Syrians, in accordance to the slogan of  the revolting people stating "the Syrian people is one”.

  • Emphasizing the Syrians’ need for Arab and international support in the face of the killing and brutal repression raged by the regime against them and the destruction of their property and livelihoods in areas that are invaded; as it is granted by the charters of human rights and the resolutions issued by the legitimate international organization regarding the responsibility to protect civilians. That to be done in a way that does not harm the higher interests of the Syrian people, integrity of its territory and its sovereignty on this territory. Further, emphasizing the importance of the Arab League initiative as one of the options to resolve the crisis and get rid of the regime.

  • Emphasize that the liberation of the occupied Syrian territory and the stand with the Palestinian people's right to self-determination is not a bargaining chip within the realm of the Syrian Revolution, leaving to the Syrian people and their representatives to determine the appropriate means to do so.

  • Seeking to bring about a change in the unjustified attitude of the countries that are still turning a blind eye on options for the security / military policies of the regime. Plus, working to gain more support of the international community, including states, diplomatic bodies, civil society organizations and human rights groups, for struggle of Syrians for freedom, dignity, democracy and a better future for their children and their country.

Victory to our revolution, and glory and eternity to the martyrs of freedom

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