Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Syrian Democratic Forum-Press Release

A number of Syrian intellectual and political personalities and some young people from the revolutionary and civil movements held a meeting in Cairo on February 16-18, 2012. The participants discussed the developments of the Syrian Revolution and the ways to promote the mobilization inside Syria to get the Revolution to achieve its goals of freedom and dignity. They have established a forum called "The Syrian Democratic Forum". In the Forum’s Identity Statement, they have defined the Forum as “a political, civil and democratic forum. It is a platform for critical appraisal, knowledge exchange and field activities. The forum is open to all individuals, groups and forces, involved in the Syrian Revolution and to those expected to make up their minds as regard the pursuit of radical change in Syria in order to build a civil and democratic state based on citizenship and freedom”. Furthermore, the Forum’s goal is “to enable the Syrian people to overthrow the current regime with all its symbols by all means of civil resistance”.

The meeting ended by the election of a liaison committee, whose goal is to organize a general assembly within a month. Moreover, this committee has the task to invite intellectuals, politicians and people from various aspects and components of the Syrian society to attend this meeting. Of note, during this general assembly, the Forum will adopt its political statement.

The committee is formed of 13 persons: 7 of them from senior opposition figures and 6 from the youth of the Revolution. Their names are as follows:
Aref Dalila
Fayez Sara
Hazem Nahar
Nasser Alghazali
Khalaf Ali Khalaf
Samir Aita
Ahmad Almahameed
Ahmad Almasri
Rasha Qass Yousef
Maisa Saleh
Motasem Alsioufi
Mahmoud Alkin

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