Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Syrian Opposition Should Unite to Fight the Regime

Dear all:

Rami Makhlouf’s statements to the NY Times today are a declaration of an open war on the Syrian people. In fact, I was not surprised; this regime is inherently evil. Therefore, the Syrian people’s combat with this regime should be relentless. Regarding this matter, I think I can provide some help. I have some ideas that I can discuss with you. I can lay them out to you.

Furthermore, I think the most important blow (and hopefully the final) to the regime would be to bring the opposition together (at least on the common goal of ousting this nefarious regime). I can help with that, too. I am used in my work to bring people together to do common projects, even if they have different opinions. Furthermore, since I am a new face with no political past and a neutral person as regard the different opposition groups and I have no future political ambitions, maybe I am in a good position to carry out that task. I have some ideas as how to approach this matter that I can share with you, too. I can try that, even if there are deep differences between the different groups. I think this is something that is worthwhile to do at this juncture, at least for the sake of the Syrian people.

I feel the urgency to do something, because I feel that this regime won’t hesitate to literally kill all the Syrian people in order to survive. Indeed, I am particularly sensitive to losses in human lives.

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This message was sent by e-mail to Dr. Radwan Ziadeh, Dr. Najib Ghadbian and Mr. Ausama Monajid (on May 10, 2011) in order to explore the possibility of unifying the Syrian opposition efforts to fight the nefarious regime.

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