Saturday, July 9, 2011

How Ferocious and Unrelenting the War with the Murderous Regime Should be

Dear Dr. Ziadeh:

First, I would like to thank you for the service that you are delivering for our beloved Syria; what you are doing for the country is significant and highly appreciated.

The regime is vicious, resistant to any repair and extremely insecure. One important thing about highly insecure people (that applies to insecure political systems) is that they can't live with others in normal and respectful relationships. Deep in their mind, they believe that in order to live they should kill all "living" people around them (please refer to the analysis of Hitler personality in "Anatomy of Human Destructiveness"). They want people around them to be either completely subdued (spiritually dead) or physically dead. For this reason, the Syrian people's struggle with the regime is a war of existence.; either the regime demises or the people "die".

Consequently, stepping up the fight to make an overwhelming pressure on the regime to break up is important at this point; here comes to my mind Collin Powell's war strategy of using overwhelming force. I understand the limitations that Syrian people and the Syrian opposition have in their fight with the regime. However, I am trying to describe how ferocious and unrelenting the war with the regime should be in order to be fruitful. Also, exploring all options at any time is another important strategy to follow. Thus, your fight with the regime is a war, for which you need a command committee and a virtual "command room"; I know how difficult that is. I am not trying to put more pressure on you (I know how pressured you already are), but I am aiming through these words to support you morally. Indeed, I am happy to help; at least, I can provide moral help. As I mentioned in my previous e-mail I have no intention to work in politics or return to Syria. However, I feel certain obligation to help in order to do not let the blessed blood that the Syrian people has been shedding  go in vain.

Finally, I would like to thank you as a person for the effort that you have made two weeks ago in the UN Human Right Council to bring the decision condemning the Syrian regime. Indeed, I know the extent of your personal contribution in that matter.
All my sincere feelings and wishes are with the Syrian people in its fight with the regime; in fact, this fight still requires a lot of pain and sacrifices to be won.

God bless you.


P.S. This message  was sent via e-mail to Dr. Radwan Ziadeh on May 8, 2011.

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