Monday, July 11, 2011

The Syrian Opposition from Absurdity to Nothingness

The problems between the different parties of the opposition are at the same time real and unreal. They are real, because they have grave and probably long-lasting consequences. However, we can consider them unreal, because they exist only in the heads of the members of the opposition. In fact, these problems do not have substantive base or origin. They are rooted in erroneous perceptions, subconscious fears and baseless prejudices. In the head of the concerned persons, they are enormous and giants, but in reality they do not exist. They are like a very giant balloon that occupies a lot of space, but empty from inside. Thus, we can consider these problems are irrational or rather absurd. Albert Camus considered the absurdity as the origin of nothingness (the exact word in French “le nĂ©ant”; there is no accurate translation for this word in English, but the closest meaning is “the nothingness”). Indeed, the opposition is preoccupied by nothingness. The opposition is very busy, although it is ineffective and sterile.

I believe in order to overcome this impasse, you should eliminate as much as possible the erroneous perceptions, subconscious fears and baseless prejudices between the opposition parties. Is this is difficult?! In fact, the relationships between the different parties of the opposition are like a field full of mines. This is not only my opinion, but also it is the opinion of other people related to the opposition. Indeed, you need a person who is skilled to detonate these mines. You need a mediator that has good knowledge of human beings. This mediator should be neutral and has no political ambitions.

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